Shenita is many things, and, in many regards, humble about her works. Throughout her life, as many of us have, she has faced difficulties. Often, we find ourselves on journeys that we never anticipated, facing fears we did not know that we had, and injustices that seem to weigh down the soul, like chains of heavy iron.

As a young person, Shenita was exposed to many hardships. She is a survivor of many near-death experiences, bullying, aggravated assault, attempted drowning, suicidal thoughts, sexual assault (groping) verbal, physical, emotional, and psychological abuse, severe memory loss, and two particularly toxic people whom she believed to be friends. The abuse and relentless bullying have resulted in the loss of an innocent life, in addition to psychological trauma.

It is with courage, compassion, and the guidance of God that Shenita has defeated these demons of the past, and her kindness echoes in what she has given to the world in return. As an avid prayer warrior and advocate for both human and animal rights, Shenita works tirelessly, sometimes quite literally, to inform others of the inequalities that we seem to forget about each and every day. Shenita pursued her education, earning her doctorate, and has also prolifically pursued numerous forms of art as an expression of her love through Christ and the kingdoms of Heaven and Earth.

As an artist, her compassion and sense of humanism touches each and every single one of her works. Shenita has many published works, including novels, non-fiction works, poems, short stories, and other forms of the written word. She regularly writes original and thoughtful articles to be shared throughout the Web, including her own website and others of prominence. She has extensive work in visual arts, as well, with many credits existing and accumulating for her works in film. Creation is a sacred form of outreach, in Shenita’s opinion, and she strives to create a better world through her craft.

As an activist and philanthropist, Shenita devotes her life to giving a voice to those who are abused, ignored, and helpless. With strong passion for her veganism, Shenita advocates it as a cornerstone of the animal rights movement and uses her platform to spread the word about this healthful and conscious lifestyle. Among her other works in charity and good will include working in countless ways for nearly countless giving organizations that benefit animals and mankind, as well as the environment.

Shenita’s strong belief is that you—yes, you!—are not alone, and that, through love of God and profound study and good deeds, you may find peace and reconciliation. Please join Shenita on her life’s journey to bring more kindness and love into the world, to stamp out hate, to curb injustice, and to live together, peacefully. Many great things await Shenita in her future—and, undoubtedly, in yours, as well. By doing the will of the Lord, we all may overcome.